With MEGABLOC you have a building system that, with regard to installation, modification, and extension, can be transformed within minutes. The principle of heavyweight walls with tongue and groove connection makes it possible for individual blocks to be stacked on top of each other in a joint way. The massive building elements, weighing several tons each, do not need any other screw joints or even mortar.

Step 1

Marking of the wall axis with a chalk line on a stable,
solid ground / a strip foundation.

Step 2

Calibrate butt joint, put and adjust bottom attachments.

Step 3

Drill anchor holes.

Step 4

Drive in bottom anchor M15.

 Step 5

Tighten hexagonal nut and let the construction start!

Step 6

Place the individual MEGABLOCS using
a lifting device (forklift truck, excavator, hoist)
and two workmen.

Step 7

… placing and adjusting the MEGABLOCS, taking-off chain suspension, placing next MEGABLOC…

Step 8

In one day approx. 150 m² of wall area can be erected.

Assembly instructions for a MEGABLOC BULK GOODS BOX in a storage hall of a waste management company