We produce nationwide, all year round, and for stock. This guarantees a fast delivery with minimum freight costs. The delivery time, depending on the volume, is generally about one week after receipt of order.

We have several production sites in Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland. Thus, the distribution channels remain short and transport costs low. In Germany these production sites are located in the areas of Ulm, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin, and Hamburg. The concrete blocks are delivered by truck (curtainsider semi-trailer with Edscha sliding roof or open low loader). Upon customer request pickup directly at the respective manufacturing site is, of course, possible as well (on the customer’s account).

Installation of the MEGABLOCs, that are registered and legally protected, takes place on a previously built strip foundation or on solid ground, which the bottom attachments can be screwed onto and the MEGABLOCs can be installed on.

The underground or rather the base and surface layers must be frost-free as well as suitable for heavy vehicle traffic SLW 30. Special foundations are usually not required.

Existing slopes can be integrated and must not necessarily be leveled out.

No fixed connection with the ground. The MEGABLOCs are stacked loosely on top of each other and are held together by the tongue and groove connections and the heavy dead weight of the individual blocks.

For additional protection against mechanical thrusts the MBB bottom attachments can be bolted to the ground. This prevents a sideward sliding of the wall.

The static calculations for MEGABLOC walls follow effective DIN regulations and are made for heavyweight walls. Depending on the case they are performed by a structural engineer provided by the customer or optionally by us. (This analysis is charged according to actual expenditure.)

Due to the individual requirements of each project general statics are only of limited use.


Some blocks on our maintenance and storage facilities have been in use for over 20 years.

Adequate machinery such as a wheel loader, excavator, hoist, or forklift truck, as well as a standard two-strand chain suspension are needed.

Due to the hot-galvanized steel suspension clamps embedded in every block the acquisition and application of special pliers is not necessary.