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Get inspired. More than 1000 projects have already been realized with MEGABLOC concrete blocks. With MEGABLOC (almost) anything is possible. We are looking forward to your challenge. Contact us – we are happy to consult you, support you in your planning, and provide you with an offer free of charge.

Recycling Company

MEGABLOC provides maximum stability, variability, and efficiency for waste management companies.…

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sports park

In the German Neuried sports park MEGABLOC concrete elements were applied in a number of different ways. As visual protection wall, retaining wall, design element.…

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machine substructures

As substructure for filtration units, sorting plants, shredders, crushers, mills and the like.  Whenever you want to remain flexible, MEGABLOC is your partner.…

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waste management company

In this waste management company in the German Stuttgart area MEGABLOC concrete blocks…

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hall with doors

Vehicle storage hall with gates and timber/trapezoidal corrugation sheet construction as roof.…

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storage box and visual protection

On cemetery grounds visual protection walls and material storage boxes for humus were constructed using MEGABLOC stacking stones.…

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retaining wall

An existing retaining wall was removed from a private home…

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Box to store paper & boards

Here, a box was constructed with MEGABLOC concrete blocks.…

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Design System

Concrete blocks as design element…

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Protection System

MEGABLOC offers you a large variety of possibilities.…

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Bulk Good Boxes

With the MEGABLOC concrete partition wall system it is easy to organize…

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Concrete partition walls according to your needs


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  • [icon class="fa-home"][/icon] Ziegeleistraße 19, 72555 Metzingen
  • [icon class="fa-phone"][/icon] +49(0)7123/961-160
  • [icon class="fa-fax"][/icon] +49(0)7123/961-111
  • [icon class="fa-envelope"][/icon]info@megabloc.eu
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Produkt Links

  • [icon class="fa-angle-double-right"][/icon]MB Super
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  • [icon class="fa-angle-double-right"][/icon]MB Top
  • [icon class="fa-angle-double-right"][/icon]MB 40
  • [icon class="fa-angle-double-right"][/icon]MB with surface structure
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