The little brother – 40 cm wide!

The MB 40 – developed for smaller bulk goods boxes. Only 40 cm wide and 50 cm high.

The TOP – a clean finish

This stone/block is the clean finish at the top – no material will remain on top of this wall.

The MB 40 – in 5 different lengths.

In the lengths 240, 200, 160, 120, 80 cm – special lengths available on request.

40 cm wide – for smaller loads

The new MB 40 – ideal for smaller boxes.

MEGABLOC as design element

Here MEGABLOCs are used as retaining wall. Colored in grey – well-designed and elegant!

In combination with clinker bricks

Public space: MEGABLOC elements combined with clinker bricks.

With the MB 40 you can build tall…

System hall with timber framing truss as roofing. Eaves height 4.50 m / ridge height 6.70 m

…and small halls.

Storage box, closed on three sides, with a pent roof and a concrete member put on around the top.